Internet of Food Things

VOR is creating Internet of Food Things with real time data and insight to connect consumers and companies to ensure quality and grow business.

From farm to fork, VOR platform integrates cloud technology with rapid microbial detection for 24/7 food safety monitoring. Our palm sensor facilitates people to collect comprehensive data and share it through centralized networks for better control microbial outbreaks from the farm of origin to the warehouse level to any nodes of the supply chain. Reduce inventory holding time, prevent loss from recalls and outbreaks, and protect your brand and customers with VOR.

Comprehensive testing for the most common types of bacteria related to food safety, including E coli, Salmonella, Listeria, etc.

Actionable microbial testing outcomes at any stages of supply chain, less outbreak, and secured brand value.

Advanced cloud platform for data management, microbial testing analysis, outbreak prediction.

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